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How to start a business if you don’t have money

Published by on June 19th, 2020.

I know many people who wish to own their business and every single one of them believes money is what is stopping them
If you are entrepreneur you will understand why people isn’t able starting your own business.
Business isn’t money, if you wish to start your own business there are things you need to understand and do

1: understand the position of money in business: get to ask yourself this, “If you want to be military personal, what do you do first if you see a 25-year-old man who wants to be a soldier today and give him a rifle and ask him to go to the war front you can be hundred percent sure that such man will not come back a man who goes with a weapon but without a skill will not come back though he has the weapon he lacks the skills to fight in a war, same goes to the business world it doesn’t matter how much you get to start up a business but it takes the skills and mindset to build a business if going into a business with a large amount of capital not knowing more strategies or skills in bringing up the business it will tend not to grow as more of you going into the business world with more of skills getting to understand the position of money in the business.
2 connect hungry man with food sellers: you could get to ask yourself this, how can I connect a hungry man with a food seller and get a commission as Intermediary,
If you can connect a seller to the buyer the seller will be happy for getting a customer and the buyer will be happy for getting what they want, then you can make money in between
3 start with services: when you are getting started in business and have no money the best place to look is yourself, look at the services you can sell. The consultancy service could be started on your mobile phones. Other services cost little or no capital, put your product all manufacturing on hold restored about other services you can start and if you succeed you can easily start a product business
4 get in partnership:
Building a business is all about using verbiage you must learn how to use what you don’t have these include the money you don’t have, if you get to know how to use what you don’t have you can easily find someone who has money to get partner it’s you. This is not always very easy, sincerity and honesty is also a key in getting a partner and must truly be passionate about your vision to endure getting rejected again and again.
5: master negotiation skills: learning to negotiate with the business world is one of the platforms of starting a business even without a’s very easy getting strangers into your type of business using the art of negotiation
6 sell your knowledge online: if you get to think about it most successful businessmen started in the rooms and garages. The environment doesn’t determine the growth of a business, for years now the Internet has been a platform too many successful business today most of these businesses never started in a conducive environment, what matters is all about reaching out to the customer at the appropriate time and giving out valuables to the customers using the online platform.
7: Focus only on the important business assets: people get to fail most times and wanting to start a business and you want to rent an executive office in the most beautiful streets of your country, you want to pay for the most beautiful website and buy everything you think a business needs to run. Come to think of it if Google, Facebook, Apple would have existed getting to rent the most expensive offices at the very start they wouldn’t have been this great today


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